New Website, New Attitude / by Thomas Gronendyke




Everybody loves a good makeover, and if you're like the large majority out there, then you're going to love our brand new website!  Although we've completely overhauled the design and look of the website, we still have so much work to do!  Stay tuned as we continue to add and change features in hopes of delivering a premium experience for clients: past, present, and future!



You May have Noticed...


  • Brand New Galleries: We've added tons of amazing photos that really showcase some of our favorite projects


  • Team Photos and Information: Now you can see and learn a little bit about the amazingly talented team responsible for all of the outstanding creations!


  • Brand New Social Media Pages: 60 years ago, a hammer and nails were our best friends.  While we still have those today, some would argue our smart phones are just as important as anything you'll find in our toolboxes. Now, we can keep you in the loop with all of the new and exciting things going on around here, not to mention show you some amazing cabinetry and woodwork along the way!


Still to Come...


  • Client access to unique and specialized tools to help in the design and selection process along with field meetings
  • Features highlighting all of the new and exciting things going on within the company and our friends


Thank you again for all of your interest and support. We look forward to hearing from you.  Please be sure to like us, follow us, email us, pin us (you get the picture right)?! We hope all of the new features allow us to keep in contact with you so we welcome any comments or suggestions.  It is our hope that together, we can continue to improve and deliver the best experience possible!