Happy Birthday Lyle by Thomas Gronendyke

Be sure to wish our founder, Lyle Yoder a Happy Birthday! Lyle Turns 88 today! Cheers to you Lyle!

Lyle Yoder Induction to the Cabinet Hall of Fame by Thomas Gronendyke

It's been an exciting time around the Yoder Kitchen Corporation. In addition to finishing the Homes of Distinction show, our founder, Lyle Yoder was inducted into Coppes Commons' Cabinet Hall of Fame!

A special dinner was held to commemorate the occasion where family, friends, and the community could celebrate this exciting achievement  for Lyle.  The highlight of the evening came when Lyle was honored with a key to city of Nappanee by the Mayor!

The Yoder Kitchen Corporation started out of Lyle's garage and has grown into everything it is today because of his vision, hard work, and dedication. We are all so proud and excited to share in such a special event for Lyle and look forward to many more to come!

Homes of Distinction Recap by Thomas Gronendyke

The Homes of Distinction Tour is a wrap, and the Yoder Kitchen Corp. was so proud to be a part of it!  The show was a complete success, and it was so great to meet so many wonderful people while also supporting the Peyton Manning Children's Hospital.  We thank everyone who came out and spoke with us at the show, and welcome anyone to contact us with any questions or interest in Yoder Kitchen Corp. cabintery. 

We also want to take the time to thank the homeowners who were so gracious to host such an event as well as everyone at SLM Homes who are responsible for building such a beautiful home!  Its always such an honor to be able to work with good people, and it made this project such a fun and exciting undertaking.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks as several exciting events have happened here at the Yoder Kitchen Corp.  In addition to the Homes of Distinction Tour, our founder Lyle Yoder, was just inducted into the Napppanee Cabintery Hall of Fame!  We'll be sure to post photos from both events in the coming weeks so make sure you check back!

Homes of Distinction Tour by Thomas Gronendyke

The Yoder Kitchen Corp is proud to be featured in the Homes of Distinction Tour down in Indianapolis! The beautiful home was created by SLM Homes, and currently is in the final stages of completion.  The cabinetry throughout the home turned out beautifully, and we are so excited for everyone to see the finished product.  

The event takes place October 10-19, with a preview party October 8th.  Tickets for the tour are ten dollars while the preview party is thirty-five. You can purchase your tickets on the Homes of Distinction webstie, with the link provided--> right here.  Proceeds for the event benefit the Peyton Manning Children's Hospital at St. Vincent, so your participation is greatly appreciated.  Be sure to check out their site for more information about the event, purchase tickets, and receive a $2.00 off coupon for your tickets!  


Homes of Distincton

SLM Homes

Peyton Manning Children's Hospital

A Blast From the Past by Thomas Gronendyke

Recently, an old promotional video resurfaced from 1986.  Created by a good friend of the company, Dave Miller, the video gave our customers a glimpse of the products and processes used in the creation of their cabinetry.  It's crazy to see how much the company has grown and changed throughout the years while also serving as a reminder of where we've come from.  If you have a couple minutes, be sure to take  a stroll down memory lane to see a little bit of our company's history, older products, and tons of amazing 80's hair. 

A Very Special Lunch by Thomas Gronendyke

Recently, our team was treated to a very special surprise--a homemade lunch from satisfied Yoder Kitchen Corp. clients!  Richard and Carolyn Schmidt just recently completed their kitchen remodel and were eager to put it to good use.  Carolyn prepared quite the spread for the entire team here: muffins, potato and bean salads, fried chicken, and cherry cobbler topped with ice cream!

We are constantly saying that we have the best clients, and this incredibly thoughtful and sincere lunch just further validates that statement.  It's clients like the Schmidts that inspire a passion and sense of pride in what we do which is then directly reflected in our work.

The production process is often a very long and compartmentalized, making it very difficult to visualize the end result.  This lunch was such a vivid realization of our goal: satisfied and smiling clients.

Thank you so much Richard and Carolyn. 

New Website, New Attitude by Thomas Gronendyke




Everybody loves a good makeover, and if you're like the large majority out there, then you're going to love our brand new website!  Although we've completely overhauled the design and look of the website, we still have so much work to do!  Stay tuned as we continue to add and change features in hopes of delivering a premium experience for clients: past, present, and future!



You May have Noticed...


  • Brand New Galleries: We've added tons of amazing photos that really showcase some of our favorite projects


  • Team Photos and Information: Now you can see and learn a little bit about the amazingly talented team responsible for all of the outstanding creations!


  • Brand New Social Media Pages: 60 years ago, a hammer and nails were our best friends.  While we still have those today, some would argue our smart phones are just as important as anything you'll find in our toolboxes. Now, we can keep you in the loop with all of the new and exciting things going on around here, not to mention show you some amazing cabinetry and woodwork along the way!


Still to Come...


  • Client access to unique and specialized tools to help in the design and selection process along with field meetings
  • Features highlighting all of the new and exciting things going on within the company and our friends


Thank you again for all of your interest and support. We look forward to hearing from you.  Please be sure to like us, follow us, email us, pin us (you get the picture right)?! We hope all of the new features allow us to keep in contact with you so we welcome any comments or suggestions.  It is our hope that together, we can continue to improve and deliver the best experience possible!